Demand for power rentals is on the rise. One of the Major reason for renting out power is to ensure that there is continious and seamless power supply through the day. Unfortunately in India, the power scenario is yet to work efficiently and continues to worry the new generation always alert facility manager. Power failure & substandard quality power perhaps are the biggest curses of modern India.

The ideal solution is to have your own captive power stations. This also has its own headaches of operation and maintenance. A generator needs high-end and quality maintenance as it is a complex machine .Also the requirements of the various industries are varied and up gradation of DG capacity becomes a continuous process in the ever-changing growth dynamics of modern companies. This is not at all a financially viable proposition.

The best you can do is to rent a genset from a reputed agency and concentrate on your core business while the power rental company takes care of your power needs completely.

Why DG rentals ?

If you fall into any of these categories, renting power would make a lot of business sense.

1. Is yours a software development facility or a call center where total dependable quality power is a must?

2. Are you a computerized modern bank or an insurance company where you promise 24 hours service to your customers?

3. Is your company fast growing and expansions a regular process?

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