M/s Bluesoft Inc. is a software services company who works with USA and UK companies,round the clock.They bought a 125 KVA acoustic DG set in the year 2015 and it costed them Rs.900000/- including installation.They used it for 4 years and faced lots of service issues during this time. They lost man hours due to EB power outbreak and had to wait for AMC service providers to come and repair the DG set, while their customers in US and UK cannot understand what a power cut is.It was a difficult task to convince them which ended up in losing some clients. Their expenses during the last four years of ownership is illustrated in the following calculation.They spent a total of Rs.15,15,000 /- during the last 4 years for the genset.This worked out to be an effective cash outflow of Rs.31563/- per month. When they wanted to upgrade the capacity of the genset,they sold their old DG set at a second hand price of just Rs.4,50,000 /-.

They would have spent only Rs.27000 /- per month if they would have hired it from us. Apart from the saving in money, they would have got uninterrupted power and saved the lost man hours and clients.

Now they have installed an upgraded capacity of 250 KVA DG set on a long term rental from us.Having tasted the benefit for the last one year,they are also planning to upgrade and have one more generator at their second facility, selling the existing DG, to attain the target of zero shut down.

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